Friday, April 27, 2012

Rediscover Vantage LED: U.S. Manufacturer of LED Display Signage

A company that started in 2003, Vantage LED is now poised to dedicate itself as a Trusted Manufacturer, Resource, and Partner in the LED industry.

Vantage LED, founded and established in California, announces the launch of its new corporate and product branding.

This year marks Vantage LED’s dedication to the LED industry. Vantage LED launched a new website which comes with new corporate and product branding. This is a sign that Vantage LED will be a major manufacturer of LED display signage, a resource for the future in this ever-changing industry, and an empowering partner to the dealer and OEM network.

Chris Ma started Vantage LED in 2003. After several years in the LED industry, he saw the need for a manufacturer that was not only dedicated to building a high caliber product, but also as a valuable support resource to its dealers and OEM partners. He dedicated himself to crafting a LED display product that was friendly to the client and to the installer in the field.

Vantage LED is proud to introduce the Phoenix(tm) Color Series and the Raven(tm) Grayscale Series both featuring the powerful Darwin(tm) Solid State Video PC Controller. Many more advanced features are available to give their partners an edge in this industry.

Vantage LED has honed a streamlined, systematic production team, plus multiple suppliers, that delivers a superior product in an attractive lead time for the industry dealer.

Vantage LED has developed simple, yet the most powerful, software in the industry: LightSpeed(tm) Media Software and LightForce(tm) Billboard Management Software. 

LED Displays are a unique advertising medium at the power of the user, so the software must be user friendly to the simple user, yet still be packed with advanced features for the most tech savvy user.

Visit the new website at and rediscover Vantage LED.


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