Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome Deacon Wardlow to the Dealer Support Team.

Attention Dealers! 
This is guy you want on your team. A wealth of resource. 
The man who invented Q & A. Be ready for comprehensive support.

Vantage LED announces the appointment of Deacon Wardlow as LED Technology Specialist. Deacon joined the dealer sales team March 1, 2012 and will be the lead on a new partner program for the company. In his new position, Deacon will be responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relationships and developing the partner program to promote and sell the renowned Vantage LED product line to valued resellers. 

"There's a strong synergy Deacon brings to the company; we're building a "perfect storm" team for 2012 to launch new programs to strengthen the ties to our current partners and extend opportunities for new partners to succeed in the Digital Signage market," said Chris Ma, CEO and Founder of Vantage LED.

Deacon brings over 15 years of High Technology/Digital Signage and business experience to his new position. Previous positions include: CTO/CIO of Barlo Signs International, Inc., a technology consultant in Asia where he facilitated team projects developing custom technology solutions for Asian manufacturers and establishing supply chain logistics for international trade business. As a NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional and Digital Signage Certified Expert, Deacon brings a strong background in technology and business solutions to Vantage LED and their customers. He's highly committed to strong Dealer support and developing long-standing quality solutions for partners. 

Regarding Deacon’s experience so far with Vantage LED, he states, “The first time I met with Vantage while sourcing a potential partner for sign companies, I was immediately impressed with their professionalism, the large team of experienced LED Display industry experts and the high level of enthusiasm everyone exhibited. Since I joined the team, I continue to be inspired by how everyone works together to put out the best system possible for each and every build.”

BUT, if you feel the support is lacking, well, he could be climbing a mountain...but he might have his cell phone with him.


Never An Ordinary Experience

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