Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How does a Programmable LED Sign help business?

-Deacon Wardlow

Years ago, the SBA (Small Business Administration) released a document demonstrating how LED Signage can help increase business. Some of their numbers were (I feel) a bit overboard, but the overall premise is sound and the returns are definitely there. If you’d like a copy of the SBA report, drop me a line and I’d be happy to provide it (you can still find it various places online). The question remains, how does an LED Sign help business?

When looking at Digital Signage, there are several factors driving businesses to Digital. Newspaper readership is in decline. People watch TV shows off Hulu and Netflix, even radio stations have been taken over by the satellite movement. Traditional advertising dollars are swapping around tremendously and now (more than ever) on-premise advertising is crucial for success..

LED Signage allows businesses to push specials to the public and improve their P/L (profit/loss) statements. When a restaurant isn’t selling as many prime rib specials that night, drop a message on the display to emphasize a prime rib special and the sales will likely increase. Communicating business events and opportunities through and LED Sign gives the business an opportunity to directly communicate with the customers who go by every day. Customers are often looking for something to draw them in, and LED Signage drives people towards business. While specials and promotions are one large component, LED signage gives business more than a place to advertise. LED Signage can also be a form of community outreach.

A lot of people focus hard on the ROI (return on investment) but overlook the ROO (return on objective). LED signage allows businesses to communicate with the public directly. With LED signage you can be an active member in the community through your sign, publishing local notices, community events, PSAs (Public Service Announcements), and more. An LED Display is a big investment for business owners and it’s important they use the system to the fullest to reap the largest return. In order to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by LED Signage, the software has to be easy-to-use.

LED Signage software is getting simpler and the top manufacturers work closely with both dealers and end-users to ensure the software meets the needs of business owners. If you can’t make a great message in under 5 minutes (and send it to the system), the software has already failed you; the easier software is to use, the more the system gets utilized and the more vibrant/alive the content is.

How can a Programmable LED Sign help business? Community outreach, on-premise advertising, direct market push to the customers in your area and the ability to not only promote your Unique Selling Point to customers but also demonstrate your connection to local events/information... this is all achieved with LED Signage where other forms of advertising can’t perform to the same level. WIth the right partner in place, LED Signage can really make the difference between survival and success.

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