Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why LED Signs: A Road-Map to Success is Important With Digital Signage

-Deacon Wardlow
Texts, emails, blogs, chat, IM, posts, Reddit,, etcetera. We're networked, connected, online and plugged-in almost constantly now. Content is rapidly updated and there's a significant feeling, a need to have information available quickly and readily. The last time a website took longer than 10 seconds to load, did you feel it was taking too long or a really slow site? Did you go to a different page/site?

We live in a world where information is fast and readily available. Print publications are still scrambling to find readership and retain their numbers. Radio loses more listeners everyday to iSomethingorOther or the latest satellite system. Television is trying to reclaim viewers by going online with on-demand viewing from websites and mobile devices. How are you moving your business forward in the 21st century?
This is the age of the Jetsons (dating myself a bit there). We've got better communication devices than what most people saw growing up on Star Trek or Buck Rogers. Customers and communities expect email updates from businesses, teachers, towns need to be online and yet, we still see static signage. Readerboards and push-in letter menu systems. The change is coming and it's faster than you'd think.

Digital Signage systems are capable of scanning a crowd and reporting back the median age of the group and estimated age, gender and racial statistics of individual people and using this information to push digital advertising specifically targeted at the varying client-base. Cities are starting to integrate automated and integrated alert systems into Digital Signage solution (both LCD indoor and LED Outdoor) to reach communities to alert them to emergencies or general public service announcements.

With all of these changes, it's more important than ever to make sure your partners have your back. Speak with your manufacturer and make sure they have a "geek speak" specialist on board. Make sure the team you're working with can translate complicated concepts and ideas into simple formats for you and your clients to get to the solution they need. Is the company you're working with now a source or a resource? A vendor or a partner. What are you to your clients?

Quick quiz:

1. When was the last integration or innovation implemented with your company?
2. What testing did you go through to ensure the product/service was ready for the market?
3. What is your two, three, and five year road-map to ensure you're keeping up-to-date with changes in technology?
4. What are you doing now which will heavily affect change months and years from now?
5. How are you a leader and innovator?

These are questions we should all have ready answers to. Your partners should especially have answers ready because if they're not moving forward, they're falling behind and taking you with them. Look to your road-map, is it clear and concise? Can you handle an unexpected turn? Is your partner looking to not just their future, but yours and your clients as well?

If you can't get a quick, solid answer from the company you're dealing with, perhaps it's time to change. In the fast-paced realm of the 21st century, you do not want to be left behind because it'll be your competition who surges forward.

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