Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Digital Signage Sale 101: Be a "go-to" person; know your LED Sign and DS information!

-Deacon Wardlow
Sales is not an easy challenge to take on. There are thousands of books out there telling people "how to sell." The books are a cure to the common ailment of "how do I close on opportunities? How to win friends and influence others, etcetera. A doctor once told me, when there are a hundred cures it typically means there are none that really work 100%. You have to ultimately find the mix of sage and new advice and techniques which works best for you and your client. The one piece of advice which seems to work universally? Be an expert in your field.

I recently had the pleasure of a day at Cedar Point in Ohio, roller coaster mecca (I highly recommend a visit if you're ever close and by close I mean within a 4 hour or so drive, it's worth it!). One of the rides had an issue and my friend and I were waiting in line for the techs to fix the problem and get the ride running. Two of the team members from the ride started chatting with us and I was incredibly impressed with their expertise in amusement parks and the rides they ran. They discussed manual rides, computer automated rides, the manufacturers of rides (who they are, where they are, what they're known for), they knew the competition's strengths (best rides) and weaknesses (low staff, long waits, etcetera), they had each spent six years (or so) working at various parks and had obviously absorbed quite an impressive bit of knowledge and experience. Those two team members demonstrated part of what makes Cedar Point great, the staff on the rides are experts and there's a reason the park has some of the best rides in the country...

When a client is looking for a Digital Signage (DS) solution, they want to feel comfortable with the person they're buying the system from. When you're selling a signage system, you're asking a client to buy a car they can't really drive until they own it (and at that point, it's too late to take things back). This is really nerve-wracking from the client's perspective. Before they buy, they need to know you (and your company) are experts in this field and can answer any question they can think up. This is where a strong partnership with your manufacturer will help (resources, training tools, a sales rep from the manufacturer you can get on the phone and get immediate answers from, etcetera). This is also where it's your company's time to shine.

Make sure the website you have is up-to-date. Do you show examples of LED Signs and other DS systems sold? Do you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section? Do you demonstrate brand loyalty and have information on the features & benefits of that brand (and why the brand is the best to go with)? Is your marketing material co-branded and does it quickly and easily answer your client's primary need to see what makes your solution unique in the market? Are you confident the brand you've chosen is innovative, forward-thinking, progressive, and meeting the needs of both you and the end-users? If you're not, it's time to review and get someone you feel solid with.

The more you know, the greater the trust instilled with your client. The greater the trust and the more your company demonstrates it's leadership in the field (or strong partnership with a leader), the greater your chance you'll win the opportunity over the competition. If you're not the "go-to" person for your client, they'll find someone else who is.

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