Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Digital Signage Sales 101: Without a defined desire, there is no sale.

-Deacon Wardlow
Thanksgiving is upon us in the USA. A time to come together and look back at the year on what we have to be thankful for. Vantage LED has had a great year thanks to our partners, dealers, and team. We're thankful to be a part of your organization and for the opportunity to help however possible with your business' success and growth. How do we spread the message more effectively and how can we help organizations receive the benefit of a great Digital Signage solution?

In the children's book series, Doctor Dolittle encounters a "gazelle unicorn cross" with two heads (one of each end of its body). The Pushmi-pullyu (push me - pull you) is at odds with itself and requires either a push or a pull to go in a given direction. We're all "Pushmi-pullyus" to some extent. People often want to achieve something but need a little push or a pull to get it. The trick is figuring out when to push and when to pull.

Creating pull means creating desire. Creating desire requires not only knowing what people want, but how they decide what they want and working with that decision to get to a "yes." The great thing about Digital Signage (DS) is it immensely helps organizations with communication, outreach, brand recognition and awareness, all in a direct and efficient manner. Most people desire a DS solution for their organization, but see a lot of difficulties in overcoming the hurdles to getting one in place. Once the pull has been identified and outlined (what is the desire? how can the proposed DS solution help the organization achieve a return on their investment and/or objective), it's time for a push.

The push doesn't have to be a big one (after all, the client wants to get there and just needs a little assistance). The push can be as simple as outlining financing and leasing options (to show how the system can be more affordable over the long run as opposed to a lot of money up-front), perhaps giving incentives to get things moving (including custom content at the start so the system shines from day 1), and other times a little hand-holding and additional information so the decision makers the client will go back to get the full message of how the system will benefit their organization.

A DS solution is more than just another sale to chalk up and add to the books. Ideally, a great solution is something that is going to help the client's organization be even better than before. You're helping that organization get their message out to more people in a more direct manner. You're giving the organization a tool which can help grow their business or group and make it stronger and more tied-in to the community they're a part of. There's still a hill to climb to achieve a better economy, but we (the LED Sign and LCD system integrators, sales people, technicians, and developers) are finding new approaches for organizations to take and new ways to help them grow. Find the right pull by defining the desire and the right push will lead to a thankful client.

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