Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why LED Signs?: Be different, Be Branded, Be Seen with Outdoor Digital Signage

-Scott Hofheins

We live in a great time, and a great country where differences are celebrated and individual expression is encouraged. Cookie cutter is out, creativity is in and new technology is all over it. Branding your organization and advertising your unique attributes is critical to a successful operation, and LED signs can help you break the mold.

They’ve been doing it for years, from the first incandescent boards, time/temperature units, and text based message centers,  to the current high resolution LED signs and billboards.  Businesses spend vast amounts of money on websites and SEO, to separate themselves from the others, and direct viewers their way. But what about about creating that same direction for your physical location?

Brick and mortar sites are losing ground to the internet explosion. Online retailers are expanding and taking over many of the services traditionally provided by local business and organizations. LED signs help you bridge the gap, and let your voice be heard. You can talk to the new generation in familiar terms with colorful graphics, and dynamic messages.

Technology available today lets you market your outdoor advertising in ways only dreamed of in the past. Cloud based systems give you 24 access to your sign content and control. Higher resolution displays let you make your message ‘pop’ and continue to get more and more affordable.

Be Different
Catch the eye, turn heads and stand out. An LED sign gives your physical footprint an extra  kick, drawing viewers into your marketing campaigns 24 hours a day. Drivers may already know you exist, but didn't realize you were that affordable. Others may have never really noticed you...until now! It’s not just businesses that benefit;  religious organizations can  literally spread the word with LED signs by making sure their message stands out from the rest.

Be Branded
Grow, support and maintain the branding you work so hard to create. With full color LED signs, you can take advantage of the same color schemes, design styles, logos and marketing that you use in your existing advertising efforts. Trigger those subconscious associations viewers have with your brand, online, in print, in media, and now on the road!

Be Seen
In closing, remember that the goal for any sign, static or electronic, is to be seen. You can’t always go higher, you can’t always go bigger, but you can always go better! LED signs can help you look brighter, newer, and fresh to the public. When paired with custom dynamic content, you can create a significant marketing tool to be reckoned with.


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