Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are all LED signs the same: Manufacturers

- Deacon Wardlow

Just as all cars have similar parts (tires, engine, exhaust, etc.) I wouldn’t say a Toyota Yaris can be expected to perform at the same level as a Porsche. To find the differences, it’s important to check under the hood and see what’s really driving the thing. Beyond the components, the biggest difference is with the company itself. Here are a few quick questions you can ask to dig deeper and take a look at what’s running their brand.

Can I see the factory?
A lot of companies claim to be “made in the USA” when they really aren’t. Too often, a “made in the USA” LED sign is really stock off-the-shelf components made in China or Korea and assembled in the USA. Ask to see the factory, visit with the designers/engineers; see if you’re allowed to poke around the plant and speak with the software programmers. If they don’t have these people available at the factory (or if they’re only available via phone), be VERY wary.

Can I see your sign evolution?
If the manufacturer has been in business for a decent period of time (5 or more years at least), they should have several versions of previous sign builds. We’ve all had to learn a bit from trial and error. What seemed like a great haircut/style in the 80’s makes us laugh looking at the pictures now. The same is true with technical systems. Newer technologies replace the old and the manufacturer should be able to illustrate and easily explain (in clear, simple terms) how they’ve arrived at the current build based on experience.

Can I speak with clients who’ve had issues with you in the past?
Everyone has a bad day; accidents happen, cranes drop cabinets, something gets damaged in shipping, mistakes are made. How a manufacturer reacts tells a lot about them and how they support their customer. It’s easy to get great referrals from clients who’ve never had a problem. It’s more impressive to get a great referral from a client who was unhappy but was quickly assisted and given a solution which not only made them happy but affirmed their choice with the manufacturer.

What’s unique about your system?
Off the bat, any sales person should be able to list at least five points on how their Programmable LED sign is different from anyone else’s system. If they struggle with giving you five points immediately, you should be concerned. You want to sell the best product at the best price. If your manufacturer doesn’t stand out in a crowd, how can they help you be at your best?

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