Thursday, May 2, 2013

Digital Signage Need to Know: Professional Quality Content on LED Signs Benefit Resellers Directly

-Scott Hofheins We all know that quality content on an LED sign can greatly improve the effectiveness of a display, and increase the direct benefits to the end-user (see our previous posts). Good content can make a sub-par sign look decent and a high quality sign look spectacular, but the end-user isn't the only one who benefits. The LED sign dealer has just as much to gain from strong, high quality content on their network of installed signage. Content is an important factor that is sometimes forgotten by LED sign dealers and end-users alike. The focus naturally tends to lean toward the hardware end (which is very important), but the software and content are often downgraded to side notes in the discussion. As I mentioned in my previous post on time and temperature messages, it’s not enough to just have an LED sign anymore. The public's attention has shifted from the LED sign itself, to the actual content on the sign. This content has to “pop” to get peoples attention to actively read the message. Content management solutions can assist greatly when addressing this need. Whether a dealer or end-user hires their own in-house staff or a third party vendor, everybody wins when the professionals do their job right. Content Quality Not all end-users have a design team that can create high quality graphics for their LED display. Good content for LED display must be high contrast, dynamic and readable. The colors should be vibrant and compliment each other. Too many LED signs look faded and weak, not because if the sign itself, but because of poor color management. Small characters are another bane to the LED sign industry with messages that are too long and overly complex. Professional designers do this for a living and have the fundamental knowledge to address these issues and make sure the sign reaches it’s full potential. . Content Freshness LED signs should have fresh and frequently updated content to keep the attention of the audience over time. However, this doesn't mean playing hundreds of separate messages on the LED display back to back. Fresh content is still focused, but the appearance and approach to the messages can be updated and modified frequently. This can be a challenge for end-users to do consistently when other aspects of running an organization or business become higher priorities. Content Scheduling and Targeting Targeting specific groups is important help end-users get the most out of their LED display. Certain types of customers see the sign during specific times of the day. Showing content directed specifically at these groups increases the effectiveness of the LED display. Some software packages and content services allow for conditional messaging that allows certain messages to be played automatically, according to variables like weather or inventory stock. The focus of the viewing public will continue to shift, and more and more dealers will need to make sure the LED signs they sell look just as good on the outside, as they function on the inside. More and more end-users and potential buyers are saying “I want my sign to look better than that guy...”. As a dealer, you need to be able to demonstrate this with confidence, knowing that the sign you refer them to down the street will look better than “that guy”. Everyone wins when the content looks good. The end-user turns more heads to their organization, the public gets better information, and the dealers can refer potential customers with confidence. Make sure you have all your bases covered when selling LED signs and don’t forget about the content, it really does make a difference! -SH

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