Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LED Sign Content: How 'LinkedIn' is Digital Signage for you/your clients?

-Deacon Wardlow
Digital Signage gets a lot of attention at the start. It's a new way to reach out to the community and DS often gets a lot of attention at the start. As things go on, the attention wains and waxes away. Like a good bike chain, a little attention every now and then keeps things moving forward smoothly, leave it alone too long and you'll soon be going nowhere with that new tool...

It's hard to keep up with content. most organizations and businesses don't have something new and astounding to grab people's attention every day/week/month. after a while the well runs dry and we turn to the "same old" for a go-to with the display(s). Once DS becomes stale, people stop paying attention and it's very hard to earn those eyes back once they've opted to relegate a display to the "background noise" of their daily life/commute.

Social media is a great way to keep content fresh and interesting, regardless of the organization. An LED sign can be a community rallying point. Interaction gains activity and interest. Put up a challenge of the week on the display (challenge placed in the beginning of the week, answer/solution later in the week). Have people go to a social media site to respond and post the winner's response on the display (with the prize). An LED sign can also rally around social issues/charities/causes and give people information to links online (keep the links short/memorable).

A dynamic display can be more than specials and basic messages. By tying-in to social media sites the organization can achieve more outreach, more connection with the community and an overall increased success rate with getting their message out (whatever the message is). When speaking with end-users, show them the message doesn't have to stop with the display itself, but can expand out to other areas. Like a bike chain, technology doesn't work well in isolation. Put all the parts together and you (and your clients) can really get moving with DS!

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