Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Digital Signage Need to Know: Why Digital Signage is Important

-Deacon Wardlow
On-premise advertising (signage) was king up until the late 30s (when radio advertisement for local stations became cheaper), then TV came along and gave organizations another venue for community outreach alongside newspapers, radio, and community message boards (boards in the middle of town used for advertising good/services and community updates).

Signage declined because of the other mediums available. People weren't putting as much into their storefront sign because there were so many other outlets for communication and advertising options. The 21st century has changed a lot of that and on-premise advertising/outreach is, once again, more important than ever.

Think about your daily communication and where a majority of people go for info. They likely turn to their smartphone for news and updates. More people are declining cable packages and upping their internet connections to access Hulu, NetFlix, and other online entertainment services. newspaper is in a constant tailspin and many of the larger agencies are selling off their assets (resulting in fewer options for print media and higher ad cost). Profit and non-profit organizations are looking for ways to recapture the community's attention and Digital Signage is one of the best means to do this.

A digital Sign (LED Sign outside of an organization or strategically placed interior LCD/other displays) gets immediate attention from the community around a client's location. Schools, towns, and churches see the importance of the medium and are part of the fastest growing segment for LED Signs and interior digital wayfinding/signage systems. C-Stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other businesses are purchasing more LED Signs than before as they effectively communicate  the goods and services available to the community. LED Sign systems are also picking up services from FEMA and other national organizations so the displays can be used in emergencies to get safety information to the public expediently.

Digital signage is so much more than a return on investment for an organization - it's a return to effective communication for the masses and a tool to help bring communities closer together. When the real potential of a DS system is realized, it's amazing what can be accomplished. DS is much more than a pretty picture... it can be a lifeline for a business and community. I'd rather see a great LED Sign effectively communicating a business' goods and services and helping the organization thrive than people holding the "flip signs" for a going out of business sale.

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