Thursday, November 6, 2014

Digital Signage 101: Do not leave sales to chance, know your partner and your product.

-Deacon Wardlow
While some element of chance (whether fortunate or unfortunate) plays into our lives, winning or losing an opportunity rarely comes down to luck. Timing, ability, proficiency, and competency all come into play regardless of what's being sold/bought.

Repeated winning isn't a miracle or lucky draw. The salesperson who's a constant winner has an excellent team supporting them and (more often than not) has taken it upon themselves to be an expert in what they're representing.

In a market where it seems like there's a new competitor with a new offering at a lower price right around the corner, sales can be daunting (and it's even more daunting for buyers who see 100+ options and don't know which way they should go). Education is the key here. Competence = confidence for both the seller and the buyer. We must take it upon ourselves to learn as much as we can and stay on top of things so we can give fast (and simple) answers to complicated questions. A knowledgeable person can slim the choices down and eloquently explain why their particular solution is the overall best option for a buyer.

This doesn't mean a salesperson has to go out and become an expert in whatever they're selling (nor should the buyer study long and hard on options before a purchase). Buyers and sellers need to know enough to be confident, the companies who produce the things being bought/sold (in my instance, Digital Signage systems and software/cloudware - but perhaps it's computers or lighting or something altogether different) - those companies should be the "go to." The partner to the seller and buyer should be the provider of product who can quickly and easily thin the herd of choices and make it clear why their product stands out as the best choice.

Don't wait for a miracle solution to come along, don't trust in luck of the draw or being first to the table. Knowledge and expertise is key. Manufacturing and product providers need to deliver more than what they make, they need to support you and the end-user with experience and education. When you need an answer quickly, can your partner get the right people involved to deliver or are you left in the dark? First to the table is excellent, but don't get beat out by someone coming in last minute who has a bit more industry knowledge, better technology, and a stronger partner. Test the waters when you can, ask questions which may seem crazy because one day, someone will ask you that same question and expect an answer. Don't leave it to the moment you need help to test whether you'll get it or not... Make sure your partner is educating you whenever possible and available to answer the hard questions when they come around.

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