Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank you one and all!

-Deacon Wardlow
Thank you. Thanks for reading our blog, our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts - Thank you to Vantage LED for hosting a space for open, honest, and transparent discussion of Digital Signage issues. Thank you (the readers and contributors) for being inquisitive and wanting to know more.

It's Thanksgiving in the USA and this is an excellent time to reflect on the many things in our lives to be thankful for. Work can definitely be a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and a lot of unexpected turns (even when you see something coming, it can still hit you hard). It's important to remember there's a lot to be thankful for.

Even when I've had businesses fail, deals fall apart, and been as low as I thought things could get (boy was I wrong there... things always had another layer of "down"), I found the things I was thankful for were the lessons my mistakes and failures gave me; the friends and family who supported me through the rough times, and the simple things I enjoyed which didn't need money or anything other than a little time set aside to enjoy.

Wherever you are, I invite you to take five minutes (or more if you've got it). Think of the simplest things which give you happiness and be thankful for them. Think of the people who've helped you out along the way in your life and think about the lives you've touched. If there's an opportunity to give thanks by giving some time or resources, do so as you'll find the rewards may not be tangible, but they are definitely amazing and give life the richness and wealth which no amount of money or things can reward you with. The biggest and best part of Thanksgiving isn't necessarily being on the receiving-end of things, but rather the opportunities to give back to those who've given us so much.

I was recently reminded of this when a partner of ours had a special request. Feeding America was looking to expedite an order with Vantage LED, but the non-profit didn't have the money for a rush request. A great opportunity for me to help an organization which helps so many throughout the year. I spoke with the CEO of Vantage LED (Chris Ma) about the situation and he said he wanted to give back something, but what could I do in exchange? I offered 1,000 push-ups to help the client - If I went a bit above and beyond by giving my time and efforts directly in the form of push-ups, perhaps Vantage LED could do the same and push the build through. Chris agreed! I've done 600 of the 1,000 (four more days of painful giving) - while it definitely hurts (I'm reminded I need to get back into shape) - the giving and reward for the non-profit feels great!

Thank you to you and yours this Thanksgiving week. If you have a moment, share what you're thankful for here (it's humbling and inspiring to see what others are doing - so please share as you're able). For those in the USA (and other places) celebrating this week, safe travels and happy Thanksgiving!

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