Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Vantage LED blogger team!

-Deacon Wardlow
Scott, Mike, and I (Deacon) wish you all  happy and healthy holidays
and a safe entry into the new year. We've worked hard over the last year to create a path for others to follow (and save many of you a few missteps along the way).

We hope this past year has been a good one for you, your friends, family, business and customers. We look forward to writing more informative blogs, articles, resources and pieces to help you on your journey to Digital Signage excellence.

We wish you all the best and good tidings for 2013. The blogs will resume from the 8th of January (we all need a little time to recharge). In the interim, please take some time to check out some Blog highlights which I believe should be very helpful for anyone (either highly experienced or just getting started) with Dynamic LED Signage and Digital Signage in general.

Benefits of LED Signage
-How an LED Sign can help business
-LED Signage earning potential

Costs of an LED Sign: Questions and responses to the cost of investing in LED Signage/Digital Signage
-How much can an LED Sign Cost?
-Short term gain, long term costs (cost of a "cheap" LED Sign)
-"Value Line" vs. Single Level of quality (i.e. why there aren't iPhone or Droid "lite" versions)
-Is an LED Sign (or any Digital Signage) an investment or a purchase?
-Selling the value of a Digital Signage Solution (LED Sign, LCD, or other)

The dangers of "cheap" and buying from a non-domestic company
-Domestic LED Sign manufacturers vs. off-shore
-Importing from China
-Low quality systems' affect on business
-Supply Chain Logistics on components
-Beware of a "bait-and-switch"
-The Ghost of LED Signs past (the cost of going with the cheapest option)

Articles on Content Creation & Sign Management
-Why DS Fails
-Keeping Content Current/interesting
-Ensuring text comes through LOUD AND CLEAR
-LED Signs & Free Speech
-Create a call to action with Digital Signage
-The benefits of PSAs (Public Service Announcement)
-Get the most from your website (Digital Signage is online as well)
-Being a good neighbor with LED Signage
-Content scheduling/creation (planning ahead)

LED Signage "How To"
-LED Sign Permitting Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
-Finding a reputable installer for LED Signage
-Sourcing the best LED Sign manufacturer for your business
-Calculating Power Costs
-Information on the National Electrical Code as applied to LED Signage
-Electrical Safety Certification Marks explained
-Different LED Sign Sales approaches
-Project Management with LED Signage
-Embracing new technology for business
-CRM/ERP Options for your business

-Simple LED Sign troubleshooting

LED Sign Information (color values, virtualization, etc.)
-How Color Values are calculated
-Viewing Size vs Cabinet size (big differences can add up to false $$ savings)
-Controller options for LED Signage
-Virtual Resolution (aka pixel sharing)
-LED Sign Components
-Service Access options for LED Signs
-The truth behind "ultra bright" LEDs
-Communication Methods for LED Signs
-Myths and Misunderstanding about LED Signs
-The good and bad of LED Signs and how to tell the difference

-Powder Coating
-New Coating materials (Dragon Skin)

Dangers to LED Message Centers
-How to protect against heat
-Power (undervoltage)
-Power Supplies
-Is after service an after-thought?
-The Value of a warranty
-On Site Service Warranties (underwritten vs. carried by the manufacturer)
-Proper Conformal Coating
-Silicone Coating on the back of LED Modules
-The cost of going cheap on component choices from a manufacturer

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